Aquaculture and Frenchman Bay

Aquaculture is one of the many commercial activities that take place on Frenchman Bay.

There are several current aquaculture leases in Frenchman Bay (you can see them on an interactive map here).  These current leases are all for various shellfish (mussels, oysters, clams, scallops) and seaweed.  We have listed all of the leases and licenses here.

In addition to the current leases, there are several proposal new or expanded leases in Frenchman Bay, and a proposal for a salmon aquaculture site in Frenchman Bay. The proposed salmon aquaculture leases have not been submitted as proposals to the state at this time, but the initial news of this potential activity has been developing a lot of interest across the communities in the bay.

We are using these webpages and links as a place to help give information about current and proposed aquaculture activities on the bay, as well as the role of the state regulatory agencies and the opportunities for public input into the process. 

We realize that we may have partners both in favor and opposed to either aquaculture generally in the bay or specific projects. We firmly believe that as a community we benefit from access to information and dialogue. To the extent that we can, FBP is committed in helping to facilitate the flow of information to interested parties and to encourage honest and informed discussion of issues that affect ecological, economic and social health of the bay.

Executive Committee of Frenchman Bay Partners
December 30, 2020
Jane Disney, Aaron Dority, Misha Mytar, Chris Petersen and Natalie Springuel

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