American Aquafarms

American Aquafarms has plans to construct an open recirculating aquaculture system in Frenchman Bay, Maine with the vision of producing 30,000 metric tons of Atlantic Salmon by 2024. The company has a purchase option on the 100,000 square-foot Maine Fair Trade Lobster processing facility in Gouldsboro and initiated plans for constructing and operating large salmon pens in Frenchman Bay. An official proposal has not yet been published by Maine Department of Marine Resources as of April 28, 2021, but initial projections of the venture anticipate 30 pens, each 150 feet in diameter and a discharge permit for 90 cubic meters per second.

The large scale of the project, the fact that the proposed site is in the viewshed of Acadia National Park, and its proximity to other aquaculture leases in the bay has drawn local opposition to the project.

There are several sites you can access from this page that contain information on this project:

  1. A media page with links to articles on the proposed project
  2. Letters by citizens
  3. Lease Applications