Sign Up as a Partner

Step 1.

Click here to register to this website with your email address and a username of your choosing. Most partners use their first initial and last name. This cannot be changed.

Step 2.

Confirm your email address by clicking the link in the email you receive from this site and then logging in with the password that was sent to you. (This is a security measure).

Step 3.

When you first log in, your profile page will open. (If it does not, you can get there by clicking “Dashboard” link under the Login tab in the menu, then clicking “Profile” on the left side of the Dashboard page). Fill in your information:

  • – Enter the organization’s website in the Website field. The organization name will link to this website in the Partners List.
  • – Enter “Partner” when you are asked if you are signing up to use the forum or to be a partner.
  • – Enter “Individual” in the Organization field if you are signing up as an individual, or the name of the Organization that is becoming a partner.
  • – You may write a little bit about yourself or your organization (mission statement, etc) in the “General Information” section if you’d like. This information is displayed on your profile page in the Forum, and beneath the projects and events you post when these are clicked for their detail view.
  • – Click “Update Profile”.

An administrator will be notified and will approve your registration. You will then be displayed on the Partners List and will be able to add events to the calendar, projects to the project pages, contact other partners through the site’s email system and participate in the forum. Welcome to the Frenchman Bay Partners!