How to use the Forum

The Frenchman Bay Forum is a place to carry on online discussions about topics of interest to anyone concerned about the future of Frenchman Bay. The Citizen Scientist Forum is a place for people who have participated in a citizen scientist event around any of the four conservation target areas (eelgrass, diadromous fish, mudflats and benthic habitat) to stay in touch.

Log in: If you have already registered to the site, you can log in by clicking the Log in menu tab or by logging in on the Forum page itself with your username and password. If you don’t see the log in area on the forum page, click the “show/hide header” button.

Register to the site through the forum page: If you are a new user, go to the forum page and click “registration“, and then enter a username and your email address. (if you don’t see the registration button, click the “show/hide header” button at the top of the page). Check your email and then go back to the forum page and with the password provided in the email. You can enter a new password by clicking “edit my profile” and scrolling down to New Password, and entering a password of your own. Please also answer yes or no to the questions “Are you signing up as a partner?” and “Are you signing up as a citizen scientist?”. You may update other profile information if you would like (not required unless you are registering to be a partner). Only the website and biographical Information will be displayed on your profile page in the forum. Then click “Frenchman Bay Partners” at the very top of the page to return to the main site. Now whenever you are logged in and go to the forum you will see new buttons which allow you to add topics, reply to topics, quote posts and edit your own posts.

To reply to a topic: If you are at the “Forum Home” page, click on the forum that you want to join. Those who have participated in citizen scientist events and trainings should use the forums under the Citizen Scientist heading. If you are interested in joining the general discussions, click on “Frenchman Bay Forum” to see all the topics that are being discussed. Once you’re inside a forum, click on the topics you want to read, and then if you just have a comment to add, write it in the “Quick reply” text box at the bottom of the page, and click “submit reply”.  If you want to add a link, write out the whole url, highlight it, and then click the chain button at the top of the text box. This will insert the [url] [/url] tags on either side of your url, which will make it link to that webpage.

If you want to add pictures or documents to your reply, click the reply button at the top of the list of comments instead of the Quick Reply box. The reply page has buttons for inserting pictures and files from your computer.

If you want to add an image in the Quick Reply box, it will need to be on the web already, and you can enter the url of the picture itself. It will display in the post if you highlight its url in your post and click the picture button on the top of the text box to insert the [img][/img] tags around the url.

To Add a topic: click the “+ New Topic” button. Add a subject and the first post, and click “submit”.