State of the Bay

AmeriCorps volunteer Shannon White is compiling data to be published in a Frenchman Bay State of the Bay report. It will focus on the four ecological conservation targets prioritized by the Partners, including  eelgrass, mudflats (which support commercially valuable species like clams, mussels and worms), migratory fish (alewives and elvers), and subtidal benthic habitats (seabed habitats which support lobsters and other invertebrates and groundfish).
The report will document data about eelgrass that the  MDI Bio Lab has collected in Frenchman Bay over the past several years. For the remaining targets, information will be compiled regarding the state of populations of interest, for example clam population data, or information about the condition of the habitats themselves. Data on water quality, essential to the healthy condition of each of the conservation targets, will also be included.


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