Raw (unedited) discussion session notes. Frenchman Bay water quality meeting, September 7, 2019

Raw notes from the written summaries presented by the break-out groups at the September 7, 2019 meeting: Water quality, stewardship, and the health of Frenchman Bay held at Schoodic Institute. 

Participants were split into groups to discuss the talks and key themes listed below. Notes from each break-out group can be found linked to the titles. A quick summary of the break-out sessions can be found here. We have put these notes here in the spirit of transparency, but without context we honestly don’t find them very useful.

Cruise Ships, Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) & Invasives, Upper Bay Issues, and Nutrient Levels

Group 1. Cruise ships

Participlants: Carol Korty, Jane Disney, Renata Moise, Rob Witan, Ann Hirschhorn, Ellie Oldach

Additional Information

  1. Learn more from other committees
  2. Which shops are environmentally friendly?
  3. Who scrubs- where does the pollution go?
  4. Are are they Discharging? DO they go 12 miles?
  5. What do the tides do coming in and out?
  6. How do you get observers onboard? Test efflent before discharged. 
  7. Boat count for NDA
  8. More consistent cruise ship water monitoring in Bar Harbor. Every two weeks?

Stewardship Opportunities

  1. NDA- education and boat count and pump out stations
  2. Smoke?
  3. Citizen testing and municipal
  4. Conservation commissions
  5. Frenchmans Bay as wader/ water community  “District”

Group 2. Harmful algal blooms (HAB) and Invasive species 

Participants: Graham Platner, Joe Porada, Elsie Chambers, Barry King, Kate Fillansbee, Aidan Lurgio, Analise Wittenberg

HAB + Invasives

  • More information about how the currents/algae are moving
  • Tunicates-are they Invasive? YES
  • Stewardship: monitoring water quality for areas that are still closed
  • Green crabs :(
  • Green Crab Cookbook?

Group 3 Upper Bay Issues #1

(group member not listed on the summary paper) 


  1. Bugs
  2. Blueberries
  3. Logging

Egypt Bay-MST-pollutant source

   ↳Volunteer-FTB (check mark)

Citizen Science List/Group


Horse Shoe Crabs- Eel grass

Link coastal physics to ecosystem/water quality data

Group 4. Upper Bay Issue #2

(group members not listed) 

Community Lab

“Group Lab” for citizen science

  1. Salinity
  2. Temperature
  3. Water levels
  4. Later lever- phome color app. 

Heavy metal frequency?


  • Anadramous Fish Cruise Ship
  • Wading Birds Habitat

Gravel Extraction

Role of Outreach 

  • Individuals?
  • Groups?
  • Com coms. 

Nutrient Levels

Jock Crethers, Emma Spies, Fiona de Koning

Nutrient Levels

Additional Info: 

  • Upwelling porcupine to(?) reversing falls
  • Upwelling by bean Island
  •  Piston effect- nutrients stay in bay?   PO4, NO3, six. 

Define Nutrient




Are Microplastics retained or excreated?

Block shellfish gut?

What are healthy levels?

How and when to monitor

What inputs that affect nutrient levels

Are there thresholds where there are not enough nutrients washing into the bay?

Organic pollutants monitoring

  1. Poop
  1. Shoreline surveys
  2. DMR
  3. Ancient mini septic tanks
  4. Seasonality-time of year
  5. Out houses islands

2.  Organic Chemicals POP’s

i. Old Meri Shaw

Citizen Science for “Non scientists”

Annecdata — publicized and interpreted and coordinated and by whom?

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