Anna Farrell

April 10, 2014

Date: Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Time: 3-3:40 pm

Location: Hegner Lab, MDI Bio Lab

Present: Duncan Bailey, Anne La Bossiere, Anna Farrell

Call-In (207-288-9880 x423): Bridie McGreavy

Unable to attend: Jordan Bailey

Minutes recorded by Anna Farrell


  1. New Frenchman Bay Partner document
  2. FBP April Newsletter
  3. Any further topics

The committee first discussed the creation of a document for new Frenchman Bay Partners, to be sent out in an email once individuals and organizations sign up. Bridie McGreavy wrote an article for the Earth Notes column of the Bridgeton News called “Collaboration for Conservation: A model from the Maine coast” about the Frenchman Bay Partners. The article highlights the collaborative approach and outlines the history of the Frenchman Bay Partners. She suggested adapting it to make it accessible for other audiences, changing it from first person, and including more details about specific organizations involved (key partners). She mentioned that she has more information in her dissertation if need be. Anna Farrell asked what format this document will take, and it was decided that the simpler the better. Duncan Bailey suggested putting in pictures and featuring some of the partners. He also proposed headings such as “what can I offer”, “how can I get involved”, “whom do I contact”, and any volunteer opportunities. Bridie went on to roughly outline the document, which should be bulleted lists: here’s the basic vision of the Frenchman Bay Partners, here are the projects going on, here’s how you can get involved, and here’s whom you can contact. Anne LaBossiere suggested we highlight the advantages of being affiliated, and Bridie responded that those are evident in the partner projects.  Duncan brought up conservation targets, then Bridie pointed out that we should stay away from the word “target”, and be more specific about conservation targets. Duncan went on to say we need to use more readable language, maybe even change some of the website language, which reads like a grant proposal in some places. Bride said we need to think about it in terms of providing democratic access to language.

Next, the committee discussed the April newsletter. Anna said ideas for articles to be included were: smelt decline in Maine, the Frenchman Bay Partners 2nd Annual Meeting, Anecdata, and volunteer opportunities.

Bridie and Anne asked about Anecdata, so Duncan explained the online mapping journal he’s creating for the Community Environmental Health Lab. Anne proposed the tool be used in schools, and Duncan said Jordan Bailey is field testing it as Deer Isle High School this week. Jordan is writing the article about Anecdata.

Other ideas of things to cover included: green crabs, and how the partners are working to find solutions. Bridie said since green crabs aren’t a direct focus of the FBP, due to the timing of their population increase, it’s important to talk about the different ways we are recognizing changes in the ecosystem, who we’re working with, and what we’re doing.  Anne wondered about disruptive harvesting activities, and Bridie said specific conflicts related to harvesting committees have been addressed, but that the partners are the eyes and ears. The Partners provide an intermediary, collaborative role for these kinds of conversations, conversations linked with real conflicts.

Bridie said she’d write an update on the 610 Project. It was suggested we put a call for submissions for articles and events on the Frenchman Bay Partners Facebook page and Twitter, due by April 18, in care of Anna. Anna asked who we should promote as the partner feature and the committee decided on Diver Ed.

Bridie updated Duncan on the 610 project , specifically the Regional Shellfish Committee’s new website. The issues are almost fully resolved and it was suggested that an easy to find link to the Regional Shellfish Committee website should be put on the Frenchman Bay Partners website. Duncan had the further idea of creating a side bar on the FBP website with links to partner organizations for greater exposure.

Meeting adjourned 3:40pm