610 Project Update

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The 610 Project, coordinated by Bridie McGreavy, is a collaboration between the Frenchman Bay Partners, the Frenchman Bay Regional Shellfish Committee, the Department of Marine Resources (DMR), and the Hancock […]

Anna Farrell

March 9, 2015

Fishermen’s Forum 2015

Frenchman Bay Partners panel

610 Committee panel

Location: Samoset Resort, Rockport, ME

Date and Time: 3-5-15, 10am-12pm

Attending: Emma Fox, Bridie McGreavy, Anna Farrell, Chris Peterson, Fiona DeKonig, Joe Porada, Jim Norris, Allie Rohrer, Hannah Annis, Natalie Springuel.

Bridie McGreavy (Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Maine and FBP Secretary) introduced the New England SusTainability Consortium (NEST) session by describing the history with the University of Maine’s Sustainability Solutions Initiative, continued involvement with key partners, and how the science is focused on solving problems. She then turned the session over to the researchers from the University of Maine.

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Mudflats are economically and ecologically valuable habitats that support clams, mussels, and worms, and serve as important feeding grounds for birds as well as fish. Committee | Harvesting Shellfish | 610 Project Using the […]