Frenchman Bay Partners to Host Rockweed Meeting

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The Frenchman Bay Partners is hosting an informational Rockweed Meeting on April 2, 2016 from 9-12 pm at the Sullivan/Sorrento Recreation Center. Rockweed is a seaweed with a wide range of uses. It has recently made headlines in the Frenchman Bay area, and was brought up by some Partners as a concern. The major issue is, “Who owns the rockweed?” In response, the Partners decided to host an educational meeting to learn about the impacts and sustainability of rockweed harvesting, the legal and policy issues surrounding the seaweed, and the biology of the plant itself. At the meeting, a variety of speakers will give their perspectives on rockweed, and a panel question and answer session will follow the presentations. The Frenchman Bay Partners will decide on next steps after the meeting, including if the Partners would like to integrate rockweed as a conservation target. For more information, contact Anna Farrell at