Rockweed Meeting Follow Up

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The Frenchman Bay Partners hosted a successful rockweed meeting on April 2, 2016. 72 individuals attended the three hour meeting, which included four presentations from various industry, conservation, and academic experts, and a question and answer panel session. Many thanks to everyone who participated in any capacity!

  • Check out the new “Rockweed” tab under “Projects”. We’ve posted planning documents, meeting minutes and presentations, relevant documents from interested parties, and newspaper articles.
  • We’re sorting through, organizing, and soliciting expert answers for some of the questions asked during the panel session. All the questions will be posted in time. Thank you for your patience as we design a webpage specifically for these questions.
  • The Frenchman Bay Partners Steering Committee met on April 7 to discuss adding rockweed as a conservation target and is developing a proposal now.
  • The proposal to add rockweed to the Frenchman Bay Plan as a conservation target will be brought before the full Frenchman Bay Partner membership at the Annual Meeting on May 21, 2016.
  • Check out the blog post students from Chris Petersen and Natalie Springuel’s Fisheries, Fishermen, and Fishing Communities course at College of the Atlantic wrote about the rockweed meeting: Between a Rock and a Weed Place.